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Citation from Intelligent Content 2014

Content Strategy in a Day

Rahel Anne Bailie, Content Strategy Consultant, Intentional Design Inc.


Content is only as smart as the content strategy behind it. What happens in the analysis phase informs how the content behaves in the tactical phases. Content has its own lifecycle, and any misstep early on means that the next iteration of that content will be harder to implement and maintain – and degrade the user experience. This workshop discusses content within the phases of its lifecycle, and illustrates the interdependencies within the user experience. Participants will discover a framework for developing content that aligns with user-centered design, from user research through personas and scenarios, to wireframes and content development.

Make sure you bring your laptop to get the most from the workshop – templates will be provided for in-class work.

This workshop is for you if …

  • you work in marketing or are otherwise involved with pre-sale content
  • you work in technical communication or are otherwise involved with post-sale content
  • your organization isn’t treating all of its content strategically and you want to be part of the change
  • your organization creates software with various kinds of content embedded in it
  • you wonder how content strategy and user experience interrelate
  • you wonder what types of deliverables content strategists produce
  • you’d like to try a mini-project for yourself under the guidance of an expert

What will you learn?

  • to develop a strategic content plan
  • to leverage content in compelling ways
  • to identify the key deliverables of a content strategy
  • to prepare specific deliverables in the context of a content strategy
  • to become a content advocate on a user experience team

Participants will be able to make a business case for investing in content strategy, will have a base process for implementing a content strategy in their workplaces, and will take home a series of work templates to get them started.