4 Years in Review and so on…

No review posts since 2013, so i have to rush over 4 years in one short summary. Tight.

There were many side projects in these years, but i try to keep focus on the following ones: Coop Grocery Workplace Learning, Leadership Training for Distance Working, Edufication Company Startup Idea, Analytics Dashboard Development for the Serious Game Fligby and a Learning Ecosystem design project. Let’s start from the beginning…

1. Manage workplace learning 24/7 on the spot


In cooperation with my old beloved dev partners (Gyorgy Szalay, Ferenc Klotzl, Csaba Zubonyai), we designed an eLearning concept for a grocery chain to transform a face-to-face heavy training process into performance support based eLearning scenarios. Employees should use tablets or laptops in the shop during working hours to learn some new materials in a way of consuming little chunks of content in topics they are interested in. Keywords: Leading characters, slide-to-slide, illustrations, immersive storyline

2. Get leaders to know more about remote working


A young consulting agency Valoro partnered with us (Andras Borocz & Gyorgy Szalay) to make an eye-catchy, character based branching scenario for leaders in a telco company to improve their attitude to remote working. This project was a big challenge to handle the nonlinear storyline with little hooks on the way integrated with interactive “topic map”.

3. Network Academy Ltd.


This is our new infant project, big one tough, it is 2 years old now, but isn’t full fledged yet. This is an online content publishing prototype, which is based on the idea of edufication, when you use education as a marketing tool. You pick up a product and make small online academy around it to gather substantial user generated content (in a way of tips, questions and surveys). Customers can learn to solve quite complex problems through your educational product content, while they react on your material by using Q&A, tips and survey modules to collect points for some reasons.

4. Dashboard for Fligby


Flow has been getting more and more familiar in the business in a last few years. The serious game Fligby based on a simulation in which you play a role as a CEO of a vineyard. This game got a new feature, an analytics dashboard, where you, as a training manager can monitor your team performance in statistics heavy dashboard screens. The flow state depends on several leading skills which can be measured during the gameplay.

5. Designing an activity based learning platform


From the beginning of this year we are working on learning platform which is built almost from scratch and try to deliver an activity focused learning management system. Learning from contents and through activities is not reinventing the wheel but to develop a full-featured system with learning statistics and user & content modelling is a big adventure for a learning interface designer. We have started to test our first prototype in November, so interesting news will come soon.